Together in Memory: Honouring Our Positive Family

This year LPV opened up the opportunity for the community to design a theme for the 2024 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial.

The winner of the competition is Buzz Rainbow Wolf, pictured here with LPV CEO Richard Keane. The theme put forward by Buzz is Together in Memory: Honouring Our Positive Family.

The purpose of this theme is to reflect the upon many survivors, family, friends and colleagues that deserve to be recognised for their work in supporting those living with HIV and those who receive such support. It is also designed to acknowledge the achievements, activism, hobbies and interests of those whose lives we both celebrate and remember.

Buzz currently lives in the far-west of Victoria on a small rural bush property. As a long-time environmentalist, they enjoy nurturing the land and the many species of natural  wildlife on their property. Buzz’s first name is inspired by Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut. Their other name, Rainbow Wolf, was adopted after time spent in North America with First Nations people.

Buzz has been involved in the LGBTQI+ community since their teens and they continue to volunteer with groups advocating for housing for older LGBTQI+ people. Buzz has also been a long-time member of Living Positive Victoria, engaging in talks and providing support back in the 1990s and early 2000s.

We wish to congratulate Buzz on their contribution to this year’s Candlelight Memorial and their ongoing engagement with the positive community.

The 2024 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is on Sunday 19 May at 5pm. More information


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