Just Diagnosed with HIV?

Everyone reacts differently to getting an HIV diagnosis, but you will probably have a lot of questions or wonder what it means to you. 

You may be wondering:  

  • How will I tell my family/partner or friends? 
  • Will I still be able to work? 
  • Will I get sick? 
  • What is my life expectancy? 

Many people have these same questions. The most important thing you should know now is that people with HIV who take medication to treat it, have a similar life expectancy as anyone else.  

There are 5 key areas your GP should discuss with you: 

  1. Where to go for medical assessment and treatment 
  2. Where you can get support about having HIV 
  3. Ways you can protect others from getting HIV 
  4. Ways you can tell current/past partner/s who might be at risk of infection 
  5. Where you can get further support and assistance for the future and for any other issues of concern 

What if I don’t have Medicare?/How can I access treatment?  

If you don’t have Medicare, you can still access health care, treatment and a range of other services – Ask your doctor for information about your closest Sexual Health Clinic.  

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