Connect with other Poz Bi+ folks

We chat with Christabel, a founding member of  LPV’s Bi+ social group for people who identify or are questioning if they identify under the bi+ umbrella and living with HIV.

Christabel, What do you think are the barriers in achieving equity of care for HIV positive folk who are Bi+ ?

It can be extra hard to navigate a healthcare system when you don’t fit in to a clear category. For me, the fact that there is such a distinct need to categorise patients and therefore patient care is at the heart of the matter for achieving equity. I think a key barrier in Australia is the limited amount of LGBTQ+ competent care providers which can make us hesitant to seek out care or, in my case, makes me unsure how much to disclose about my lifestyle so that I don’t confuse my care provider or take up time explaining myself instead of receiving care. Especially today due to the shrinking time and inflating cost of appointments that we are all experiencing.

How do you think a Bi+ group can address these bar riers?
I think the first step is to learn from each other’s experiences and enjoy coming out of the isolation together. Poz folk know that having community is sacred for our wellbeing and establishing that for Bi+ people here in Victoria will show us how to analyse our needs and begin to take the lead in advocating for ourselves.

What outcomes do you hope for by participating in LPV’s Bi+ group?
Connections, connections, connections! I hope everyone has that precious moment when you see yourself in each other and remember that you belong and that you aren’t bonkers for having needs. I’m excited for the start of something and I’m so grateful to LPV for engaging staff that can meaningfully create this group.

The next Bi+ meet up will be a trivia night at Flippys Queer Bar on 23 May. Find out more.



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